Welcome to our Mediation Site

puzzleIn this site you will find resources relating to the many different types of mediation such as family conflict, corporate, real estate and governmental. You will find tips on how to have success during and after participating in a mediation session using proven techniques and resources available. No matter where you work or live, mediation’s goal should be a win-win to everyone involved.

Our goal with this website is to be a source of inspiration, provide hope and help you be more resilient as you go through the ups and downs during a mediation.

While mediation is not a new conflict resolution concept however it keepsmediation getting more popular with corporations seeking to grow their businesses in a more peaceful manner. It is also very popular with many family courts where mediation is many times mandated by the judge when a divorce is filed and there is no mutual agreement among both parties. Another court that uses mediators on a daily basis is the small claims court. In these cases judges will hold making a decision until the parties have attended at least one mediation session and will take the report from the mediator in very high consideration when making the final decisions.

imagesTo become a mediator many times all is needed is experience with conflict resolution techniques. Some mediators are attorneys or have some sort of education in the legal field. Many mediators are solo practitioners while some work for big corporate companies while many work for the government.

The whole concept of mediation is to find a resolution that is agreeable to both sides of the argument. It’s a give and take that allows both parties to change positions and modify their proposals until both parties have reached a point where it feels good to ratify the contract or final judgement.

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